The Iconic outdoor lamp plays with the graphic possibilities of rope weave, using two shades of the same color.

The simple tubular shape of the metal frame blends with the colored ropes.

Design: Claudio Bonicco

iconic floor L

iconic floor M


Nina is an outdoor lamp inspired by the timeless granny’s parlour lamp with a stam and a lamp shade.

The structure of the lamp is made of aluminium and reinvents the archetypical shape to achieve a mix of tradition and contemporary design.

The lamp is divided into two parts: the lower one is a powder-coated tubular aluminium section, while the upper one is a grid of tubular elements with a vertically interwoven colored rope.

The collection comes with a floor and a table lamp, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Design: Claudio Bonicco

nina floor

nina table


The way the Sun and the Moon chase each other beat time.

The Time series is inspired by the optical phenomena of the Sun and Moon halo. The outline of the lamp reminds of an hourglass, which represents time.

The light from the white inner lampshade will reflect on the transparent outer lampshade, and the shape of the light spot will change depending on where you are looking at it from.

The rope around the frame adds a warm feeling to the design.

Design: Pushe Design Studio

time hand lamp

time lamp floor m


The Bubble Lamp is a playful yet sophisticated addition to any room or space.

Designed to create an immediate impact to any room, the spherical shell is hand woven with durable rope to add dynamism and movement over an acrylic glowing core.

bubble lamp

nina table


When a cylinder is cut at a certain angle it generates an ellipse.

Giò lamp comes from this suggestion and the section plan divides the lower part from the upper one into two specular halves.
The lamp shade can rotate, allowing the direction of the light to be adjusted and the shape of the lamp to be customized.

The base comes in powder-coated aluminium and cement resin that resembles marble.
The lamp shade is opaque.

Design: Claudio Bonicco

giò collection