Description of the shooting for Fuorisalone 2023...

dedicated to those who make time to marvel at things...

The urban style of the shooting to describe one of the key themes of our creations: the search for an outdoor space, especially in metropolises and cities.

A contrast between urban grey and the green/sand colours of Nature – a metaphor for a “debate” around an increasingly topical issue.

The shooting recalled the brand’s origins: Italian design, heart in Hong Kong.

The four collections

The shooting focused on the four collections that will be present at the Fuorisalone during the dOT event: the churchyard and cloisters of the church of San Marco – where you can see our creations first-hand.

in order: FloNassaManhattanScala.

Flo  Composition

The ideal occasion to meet us

The shooting was just the first step for what will be the dOT event at the Fuorisalone: in a stunning setting such as Piazza San Marco in the Brera district, visitors will be able to see the collections first-hand, which are now featured in all sections of the site.

The ideal opportunity to get to know us and try out our creations, together with the other partner companies that will be taking part in the event.

All the details below: